IUC Erasmus Club Participated at ESN Turkey Meeting

Hello everyone,

We have attented to National Assembly that have arranged by ESN Turkey and have hosted by ESN Arel as a representative of our school in 11-13 September 2020. If we mention about ESN briefly we can say that, the biggest voluntary student organisation of Europe that exist in 42 countries. We make presentation at this meeting due to enlarging EPC and increasing reputation of our school. We basically mention about foreign student potential of our school like how much erasmus student we have and sufficiency of number of these erasmus student to be part of ESN. We also mention about big support that we get from our erasmus office, activities that we made and plans that we intend to do. In Voting happened at this meeting, we had to get two out of three votes from voting to be candidate of ESN and we got enough votes. It means that, we took the first step of our ESN journey and we accomplished to be candidate branch of ESN. We hope that we’re going to be branch of ESN as soon as possible by working hard. While we do this, we continue to increase reputation of our school as well.

Lastly, we would like to thank our Erasmus+ Office and everyone who supported us on this path.

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